About You

Hello, Love.

I see you as you work away, doing your best to get it all done.

I see you folding those clothes. Wiping those counters. Feeling like you should be doing more.

I see you wrestle with being thankful, but also frustrated that things aren’t different.

I see you wondering when a new season will come. When you and your husband will feel more connected. More intimate. More excited. I see you wondering if that season will ever come.

Lean in and listen, Love.

The time is near.

Wisdom waits and will find you here. It will renew your heart and give you hope. You will find Me, here. I want to lift your head to see Me. I want these words to land on your heart and create new beginnings with Me. I want you to fall in love with Me, your Creator. I have plans for you, my Love, and they are beautiful. Come with Me, get to know Me, and a new season will approach. All other things can wait. But only in Me can you find what you’re looking for. Let these places encourage you, inspire you, and renew your mind.

I’ll help, my Love.