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Do you want to feel different about your marriage? Then I’m your gal.

Contact me for coaching at amanda@amandadavison.com. Regardless of where you live, I will work with you to get you ready for marriage or walk through your marriage.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a person who encourages and inspires people toward positive change.

How did I become a life coach?

My journey toward becoming a life coach started when I was young. Having had parents who divorced when I was five and witnessing dysfunction in parental relationships thereafter, I grew up fascinated with relationships and how emotional states impact life decisions. This influenced my desire to receive my undergraduate degree in Psychology and then my Masters in Human Services with an emphasis in Counseling.

My focus, heart, and passion has been on improving marriage relationships. I always thought that schooling would give me the tools to help people in their marriage, but it wasn’t until God changed my own heart in my marriage that I understood how to help other people. My faith journey exploded which transformed my marriage from an unhappy one to a fulfilling one. My love for God, the reality of what He has done for me and all of you, and the fruit that comes from knowing Him, is at the center of my coaching.

It is my desire that you are living with a healthy, happy marriage. I would love to walk along side of you in your personal journey to encourage, teach, and inspire while we discover how to be the wife that God desires you to be. If you are interested in having me as your coach, contact me today!


4 thoughts on “Wife Coaching

  1. I need help in taking out the garbage of my childhood that I have held on to. This garbage has made it impossible to move forward into the loving human I know Jesus wants me to be. I felt moved by your writings on am I enough…..no but your answer was so timely. am I enough, no but I AM. Lord wrap by in your love and help me examine the trash, realize how it has controlled my and how I have hurt others by keeping it. It’s time to let it go………

    1. Alane, our childhood experiences can leave such deep wounds. It takes some real courage to allow yourself to heal from them. I believe that God does not want pain for us, but that He also NEVER wastes it. How have your experiences made you unique? How have those experiences allowed you to relate to others in similar situations? There is a good that will come from our childhood, IF WE ALLOW HIM TO USE IT. Blessings to you on releasing, forgiving, and focusing on your Father!

  2. I’m divorcing my husband after 6 years of marriage. I’ve prayed for him, turned him over to God , but he has a closed spirit on everything. We’ve had 3 round of counseling, the minister has advices us/him. We had a rocky start, I caught him cheating the 2nd year of marriage and I cheated… Had counseling we admitted it, then he turned around and denied he ever did anything, and it’s been going down hill since . He blows up with verbal abuse, he don’t show affection, he goes months without speaking one word to me, I know he still talks to the girl bc I’ve read his emails. I have stopped mines years ago. He feels he shouldn’t take care of me like God commands a husband to do, he says I have to work… I do and love it. But he just started paying 4 bills in the house, we live in my family home it was given to me but my father was trying to teach him how to be a responsible man and said he needed to pay rent of 100 he blew a gasket over that… I tell you when I say he won’t do nothing but run in behind these women and flash the little money he has that’s what he does.
    I suggested we go to counseling again to really dig deep into his issues he said no, I said lets seperate he says he rather divorce. All I hear every month or twice a week is: I never wanted to marry you… I get tired of your @$$, I want a divorce. You think your better than others, your not all that, you don’t care about me. And this is what’s driving me extra crazy he throws in my face every week that I cheated on him and I never told him the details of the affair.. Crazy! I told him God has forgiven me and u need to as well because I’ve forgiven u of yours and all the resent ones. But no he feels he shouldn’t have to. Oooo I forgot to mention the women that sends him naked pictures. I know I have Godly grounds. So that’s what I need to do.
    Thanks-ms. Feed up

    1. First off, I am so sorry. This world is not a place where we will experience the unconditional, beautiful, perfect love. And it sure sounds like you have been challenged in many ways in your marriage and want very badly to make it work. I am sad to say that many of the women I work with have been to counseling and met with their Pastor and not gotten anywhere long term. From what you’ve written, it sounds like you would benefit by working through and discovering things about your heart and how you can live confidently dependent on Christ, regardless of what your husband chooses. Please feel free to let me know if you’d like to meet with me via Skype, and I can send you my prices. For now, focus on your own heart and pray each day, “Lord, let me see my husband through your eyes of endless grace. Help me.” I will be praying for you.

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