Why The Enemy Loves Valentine’s Day

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Each year special occasions confirmed my biggest fear – that my husband must not love me enough. That he would love some other woman better. That we weren’t meant to be married. That there must be something wrong with me. That I wasn’t a priority to him.

Each time it felt like a slap in the face. Confirmation of my little importance.

The world tells us that ‘if he loved you, he would _______.” The world wants you to throw it in his face of how hurt you are. How sad that this day did not live up to what the world told you it should be. The world even tells you that if he knows your love language, he should speak it. Enter in reason number 4799 why you are disappointed in your husband. It’s a fight we don’t even see we’re fighting.

When we expect occasional dates to validate our significance, we are sure to be disappointed.

It has taken me years to shift my focus. Ladies, we aren’t here for special treatment or acts of love or affirmation on a few days throughout the year.

This journey of life isn’t about us. But it sure is confusing when everything (and even people) tell us that it is.

Sure, it would be nice to get something. Who wouldn’t like something? But falling into the trap of thinking our husbands should do or be or get something for us, gives the enemy a high five and welcomes him into your marriage. Because this thinking will cause you to focus on the hard, the bad, and the every which way your marriage isn’t what you think it should be. Getting things from your husband should be icing on the already awesomely delicious treasure your God is for you. It’s a treat, but you don’t need it.

Remembering that we are here for the cause of Christ allows us to be kingdom focused. It puts these days into perspective!

So this Valentine’s Day, think on these things:

I praise God for my husband – every great thing and every way God is using my husband to refine me!

I praise God that my husband has a heart for me!

I praise God that my husband loves me each day and chooses to come home to me!

I praise God that I don’t need anything from my husband because my God is enough for me!

I praise God that I don’t find my significance or worth in these days but instead in who my God is and in who He says I am!

I will expect nothing and appreciate everything!

I will not look to this one day as a measure of how important I am or how much my husband loves me!

How will Valentine’s Day feel different for you this year?

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